7 Munny Customs
At the end of april we completed our seven Munny customs (4 inches) for the Munnyworld Megacontest organized by Kidrobot. Our designs were: "Sand snake's dinner" (an "unlucky Munny"), "Living City", "Apartment Bat", "Vampirized" (another "unlucky Munny"), "Munny's Freedom" (the marionette Munny) "Cupboard dweller" and "Concrete cleaner".
The 31th of may 2011, Kidrobot and its judjes announced the list of the winners in each category. Our "Vampirized" Munny won in the "Best Minimalist Design" category. In addition, also other two of our customs reached a bit of glory: 2nd place in the "Best Animal Design" category for "Apartment Bat" and 3rd place in the "Most Innovative" category for the "Living City" Munny.
7 Munny Customs