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    Movistar TV & Ambient Media
Telefónica / Movistar
TV & Ambient Media
These are some executions for Movistar, the leading Mobile Company in Spain and Latin America.
The TV spot ran both in Spain and some South American countries promoting the launch of “Hips Don’t Lie”, from the Colombian singer Shakira. The company’s goal was not only to link their image to the artist but to sell all kind of contents related to her, like the ringtone you’re about to hear.
The VO at the end says: “Where there is Movistar, there is Shakira”
The following ambient media promotes a Movistar offer related to cinema: two movie tickets for the price of one. Through the glass people would see iconic places in Madrid being attacked by aliens or smashed by Godzilla. That way, pedestrians would  have an interesting view with real and sci-fi elements mixed together.