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Character design 4
Character Design
Character design challenge, January 2022 entry, Bird warrior.

My warrior is Glaukopis's little daughter, Gloki, I've found her while I was hiking around the Olympus mountains one day. Once I laid my eyes on her, I couldn't resist her charming cutness! She was so tiny, lonely and a bit shy, so I decided to domesticate her
Now my baby is ready for the fight, looking up to her mama!
Hope you love her as I do..
P.s. Glaukopis is Athena's owl..
P.P.S. Gloki is all made up..
Hey teddy bear, not gonna harm you!
Abogadro is a keen mole chemist..
Wolf from Little red riding hood project
Thank you
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Character design 4
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Nour Nasser ✪