Ligature Collective Introductory
Ligature is a collective that provides a broad knowledge of vintage and modern typography. Our members are from different parts of the world, but share the same love for typographic design through current work and collaborative projects. If you're in need of some typographic inspiration or just want to keep up with our members all in one place, follow us to stay up to date on our work within our collective.
A ligature is the joint of two letters to form one character. We think the ligature well represents us because of the connection between our members that form this typographic forward design collective.
No Entry Design
''No entry. Exit only. Caution. Keep out. Private property. No hunting. No fishing. No skateboarding. No loitering. No parking. No tresspassing. Cameras not permitted. Violaters will be prosecuted. Beware of dog. Danger, high voltage.'' 
His work:
Who are Oddds?
An unorthodox pairing of designers. We believe that art and craft are the two amalgamations of good design.
Their Work:
Sam Lee
Who is Sam?
My name is Sam. I am currently a student at University of Technology, Sydney, where I have come to love all things design, especially in the area of typography, hand-lettering, and illustrations. I love the art of imperfect lines, and there is nothing that can substitute the beautiful little details of hand-craft. Apart from my studies, I work as a freelancer designing graphics mostly for apparel, greeting cards and logos.
His work:
Scott Biersack
Who is Scott?
My name is Scott Biersack. I'm a 20 year old Graphic Designer, Letterer, and Illustrator. Currently, I'm a Junior, working towards my Bachelor of Science in Design in Visual Communication.  I'm a strong believer in the sayings "practice makes perfect" as well as "follow your bliss". As cliché as they might sound, I have found from personal experience that anything is possible. Through hard work, determination, and lack of sleep, I have truly grown to love what I do.
His work:
Peter Bacallao
Who is Peter?
My name is Peter Bacallao, I'm an art director/designer, grease monkey, and family man based out of Miami, FL. I am passionate about my career and its amazing ability to communicate visually. My focus is branding, typography, and graphic design. I run small independent design studio called Whiskey and Branding that produces finely distilled creative spirits. 
His work:
Keith Tatum / The Type Hunter
Who is Keith/ Type Hunter?
Throughout my life I have been many things.  I have worked as an illustrator, designer, information architect and now creative director.  One thing that has remained constant is my deep appreciation for letterforms and typography.
You're gonna enjoy this!
His work:
James Lewis
Who is James?
James Lewis is a student from Wales studying Graphic Communication.  He currently works as a freelance graphic designer alongside his studies, foucusing on; branding, lettering, and font design. James' love for typography has recently led him to start up his own independent font foundry:
His work:
Franz Jeitz / Fudgegraphics
Who is Franz?
Hi, I'm Franz, a London based freelance graphic designer. I grew up in Luxembourg and moved to the UK 8 years ago. I've been running the desing blog at for the past 5 years and have recently discovered my love for typography, hand lettering in particular. 
When I'm not designing you can find me at live gigs or binge-watching TV shows at home.
His work:
Mark Lozano
Who is Mark?
I run the creative profile ''Eddy Mumbles'' and am a full time UI/ UX design at  AVI-SPL. In college i would DJ on occasion and still enjoy making and posting mixes. I pull alot of inspiration for my lettering pieces from the Bible, Hip-hop and movies. I try to keep a loose feeling to my letters without looking sloppy or unintentional.
Moe Pike Soe
Who is Moe Pike?
Hello! I'm a multi-displinary self taught artist/designer based in Yangon, Myanmar.
Since 2011, I've been working as a freelancer handling varieties of projects including creative direction, advertising, graphic design, and beauty retouch. I also love tinkering with typography using photoshop and c4d. 
Nicolas Fredrickson
Who is Nicolas?
While I was growing up, I always felt drawn to creative activities. Experimenting with paint, graphite, charcoal, etc. I got my feet wet in these fields all through high school. Then I went off to college, going for a chemistry degree, total different side of things I know! I just found myself as a problem solver and didn’t realize I could visually make this happen.
Jørgen Grotdal
Who is Jørgen?
I am a 17 year old passionate typography and logo designer from Norway. I am have an addiction to wood and i really love the nature, as i am from the Nordic. And i am also the leader of this collective.
Danny Dek
Who is Danny?
Danny Dek is a branding designer and a lettering artist based in Los Angeles, CA.
His work:
Leo aka "Lemur Design"
His work:
Christopher Craig
Who is Chris?
My name is Chris Craig. I am a graphic design from Baltimore, Maryland - Based in Akron, Ohio.
His work:
Joe Horacek / LittleMountain 
Who is Joe?
I am Joe Horacek and I am the owner and operator of Little Mountain Print Shoppe. By using traditional tools, such as graphite, water color paints, charcoal, markers and various brush tip sizes, I created an organic and natural look that just looked and felt right to me. I’ve found that much can be achieved with a combination of simple illustration and solid typography, and learned to find the beauty in little imperfections. I am Joe Horacek and I am the owner and operator of Little Mountain Print Shoppe.
His work:
Noel Shiveley
Who is Noel?
I'm a 22 year old Letterer & Photographer located in Pasadena, CA. 
His work:
 Ricardo Gonzalez / IT'S A LIVING
Who is Ricardo?
is a creative design initiative started by Ricardo Gonzalez Contreras in the beautiful capital of Canada in 2011. Ricardo is originally from a small town called Durango in the north part of Mexico. In 2009 he moved to Canada to study Graphic Design at Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON. 
His work:
Lorenzo Natale
Who is Lorenzo?
I'm 17 years old, living in Belgium and studying graphic design. Highly interested in logos & illustration. 
His work:
Ricky Ray
Who is Ricky?
Ricky Ray is a Seattle based graphic designer that uses but is not limited to the tools and techniques of the past to create work that stands strong in the modern design of today. He embraces the subtle imperfections that naturally come from creating hand crafted design, and aspires to create work that is tangible even if it can not be felt.
His Workstation:
His Work:
Justyna Frąckiewicz / Pykcyk
Who is Justyna?
Hello! My name is Justyna,i'm 23 years old and i'm living in Warsaw. Typography and photography is something that fascinates me all the time. I work as a freelancer.
Her work:
Who is Mister Doodle?
Hello my name is Ahda a.k.a Mister Doodle, I'm a Freelance Typographer from Bali, Indonesia. I love Typhography ("Everyday I'm Lettering") and Music. Dubstep and Trance is my favorite genre.
I have many experiences in clothing and logo design.
His work:
The Ligature Collective
Thanks alot for scrolling through this massive project! As of now we will be starting to upload projects! So make sure you leave an appreciation and follow! Remember, this is just the beginning of something big.