Ligature is a collective that provides a broad knowledge of vintage and modern typography. Our members are from different parts of the world, but share the same love for typographic design through current work and collaborative projects. If you're in need of some typographic inspiration or just want to keep up with our members all in one place, follow us to stay up to date on our work within our collective.
A ligature is the joint of two letters to form one character. We think the ligature well represents us because of the connection between our members that form this typographic forward design collective.
No Entry Design
''No entry. Exit only. Caution. Keep out. Private property. No hunting. No fishing. No skateboarding. No loitering. No parking. No tresspassing. Cameras not permitted. Violaters will be prosecuted. Beware of dog. Danger, high voltage.'' 
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Who are Oddds?
An unorthodox pairing of designers. We believe that art and craft are the two amalgamations of good design.
Their Work:
Sam Lee
Who is Sam?
My name is Sam. I am currently a student at University of Technology, Sydney, where I have come to love all things design, especially in the area of typography, hand-lettering, and illustrations. I love the art of imperfect lines, and there is nothing that can substitute the beautiful little details of hand-craft. Apart from my studies, I work as a freelancer designing graphics mostly for apparel, greeting cards and logos.
His work:
Scott Biersack
Who is Scott?
My name is Scott Biersack. I'm a 20 year old Graphic Designer, Letterer, and Illustrator. Currently, I'm a Junior, working towards my Bachelor of Science in Design in Visual Communication.  I'm a strong believer in the sayings "practice makes perfect" as well as "follow your bliss". As cliché as they might sound, I have found from personal experience that anything is possible. Through hard work, determination, and lack of sleep, I have truly grown to love what I do.
His work:
Peter Bacallao
Who is Peter?
My name is Peter Bacallao, I'm an art director/designer, grease monkey, and family man based out of Miami, FL. I am passionate about my career and its amazing ability to communicate visually. My focus is branding, typography, and graphic design. I run small independent design studio called Whiskey and Branding that produces finely distilled creative spirits.