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    Various labeled maps and aerials
We receive many requests to label aerials for various purposes - but they have gradually become more and more complex over time. The above aerial overlooking Downtown San Diego not only includes labeling of various sites near a property, but also provides short descriptions about each one. Also included are potential future developments such as the new Chargers stadium.
This is an oblique aerial of Downtown San Diego near Petco Park. The most challenging aspect of labeling this aerial was finding enough room to get all of the captions to fit and not overlap or cover any of the other sites.
This is the first interactive map I created for the Bluwater Crossing property. This map shows the north side of Carlsbad and has pop up boxes appear when an icon is clicked.
This is the second interactive map for BluWater Crossing that shows the south side of Carlsbad and has pop up boxes.
This is an aerial for a property located in San Marcos. It was really difficult to show the nearby amenities since their sites were very small. I added a glow to each of the logos to help them stand out too.
Finding enough room for all the labels on this aerial of Kearny Mesa felt like solving a jigsaw puzzle since there were so many. It also took a while to figure out how to make everything work.
This is an amenities aerial of the Little Italy area near downtown. The most difficult of this was putting all of the amenities in order from to north to south and west to east.
Another aerial with a lot of places to label, this time in Point Loma. It was another struggle to get everything to fit and make it all work again.
Fortuanatley for this aerial there was more room to work with and some of the sites were further apart, which helped with the spots that were really tight.
This aerial was just a challenge because many of the sites were so small and it was hard to make sure I got all of them too.