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    Redrawn illustrations of site plans
We receive many requests to redraw site plans for various listings. If we have time, then we go ahead and do them ourselves. The site plan above was for a residential apartment complex that fortunately had similar shaped buildings so I didn't have to recreate each one separately.
Another site plan for a residential apartment complex. For this one it actually took longer to add in the correct number of parking spaces than to redraw the apartment buildings.
One of the more basic site plans since the actual building shapes were not included.
Another site plan where the parking spaces took more time to get right instead of the apartment buildings.
For this site plan I was actually only given one section at a time and then and to combine them all together to make one complete plan. Fortunately the sections were fairly similar (excluding the first one) and I only had to made some minor adjustments to each.
I actually redrew the actually property for this site plan highlighted in the callout, because I was initially only given that to redraw - it wasn't until later that I was given the entire site plan and told to redraw everything. So I just took the property, inserted it into the site plan and then redrew everything around it.
Even though this site plan isn't as impressive as some of the others I have done, it was still a challenge to get the right number of spaces and getting everything correctly labeled.