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    www.soniaszostak.com & Kornelia Strzelecka
"At the exhibition we are presenting only a piece from a great archive, which is a result of a strong long term friendship between two friends : Sonia and Kornelia. It is hard to judge whether their friendship is an impulse for creativity or the other way around. Terms and conditions in which they create , could be regarded by many as luxury. Without a burden of time and space, they freely try one mood after another, decorating it with mutual trust. What they create, could be described as a theatre of one actor and one director - the way of using interiors and exteriors, items, clothes, and light creates different appearances of the same person. They both seem to mess around with the meaning  of their own image and its authenticity. So, where is the border between Kornelia and Sonia?"
                                                                              TIFF Photography Festival, Wrocław Contemporary Museum 2012