I recently finished the artwork for We Set Sail's debut album entitled Something About the Moon. My biggest challenge was to treat the artwork like their sound which is cinematic instrumental rock :) The concept is basically a lost astronaut on an alien planet in its final moments of existance as an astroid approaches.
Scared and hopeless, but yet he is reminded of staring at the moon back on earth. It could possibly remind him of a loved one - Mom, girlfriend, wife?... By excepting his fate, he strarts to acend to the highest point he can find in order to stare death in the face.
Be sure to play the souncloud link while looking at the artwork - it's a lot more fun!
Disk Print
Here are some of the original photos I took when I started the project. I rented a space suit and had We Set Sail's founding member, Marné Gelderbloem, wear it for a day around Cape Town. Some interesting looks we got!
Marné & Madiba aka M&M's
A cold one after a hard days work
These were my initial drawings when starting to conceptualize
Product Shots