2013 clay Illustrations

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In 2012 i had my first approach with clay. Thenforth i tried to refine my own style more and more.
My technique includes three foundamentals steps:
sculpting clay by hand, take a good photo of the model i've created,
paint on computer on the same photo adding colours, shadows and textures.
Here you can find some works made ​​during 2013 included personal projects and commissions.
Goals and objectives
During 2014 i'll try to improve my technique getting closer to the stop-motion animation, trying to give life to my characters.
They asked me this in chorus, i cannot dissappoint them, i have no choice.
New header image for moleland.it
Christmas postercard illustration
Illustration for 'Cicli Illustri', a poster exhibition in occasion of the BFF that has been in Milan in december

Some pictures from the show
Illustration for Picamemag. One of the october's random headers
I also decided to start to make a gif to show quickly how i do
My first clay animation
Character's concept
Cadere dal pero
Collaboration with Juri Agostinelli, 3d artist and illustrator
Broken heart (inspired by a true story)
Carrot and stick
The laziest guy of the planet (inspired by myself)
Butterflies in the stomach
The eye's scream, tragedy of a smashed ice cream
In a dilemma
Selfportrait, header for Moleland.it

There isn't any common appreciate button to thank you all for have been followed and appreciated my works,
but i really thank you guys to have spent even just a minute in my gallery during the past year!
See you around creatives people, all the best for the year already started!
2013 clay Illustrations

2013 clay Illustrations

Selection of works done in the past year

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