The Adventures of Captain Morgan - Legend of the Skies
The Adventures of Captain Morgan
Legend of the Skies
Captain Morgan is the product of about 1.5 years worth of work. The concept was to create a movie poster that was the epitome of product placement. I also wanted it to look awesome.
Captain Morgan is my first attempt at digital painting, a significant amount of trial and error was necessary to refine my technique. The figure and ship's texture were painted freehand using a Wacom Tablet, Photoshop and a couple hundred hours of free time. I used 3D software (Maya) to model the Airship and create the border and logo. Captain Morgan's face is based on Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney's the Pirates of the Caribbean. I held up my DVD cover as my reference image. I used AfterEffects and Photoshop for compositing and color correction. The final version is 24x36 inches.
Work In Progress
I am in no way affiliated with the Captain Morgan Rum Company. Just a loyal fan, passionate artist and Captain and Coke enthusiast.