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    Vinyl cover done for an imaginary collaboration between two icelandic musicians - 70's / 80's punk meets electronic music. School project.
The brief was to make an album cover for an imaginary collaboration between two icelandic musicians - Ásbjörn Morthens and Futuregrapher. The album is an satire on the dominant materialism in our society today where they speculate how power and authority is shared between people. Ásbjörn goes back to his roots in punk music and that mixes with the electronic music of Futuregrapher. Therefore the album becomes very raw and coarse and the look of the album is supposed to reflect that. The name of the album is "VALD" (e. "POWER"). The publisher, Sena, is aiming on releasing the album abroad.

Ásbjörn is normally known as Bubbi, but due to his controversy as a musician I decided to use his real name instead of his stage name. The "V" and the "A" in the typography are referring to the definition of power and/or authority. In the corporate enviroment power is often expressed as upward or downward. The photograph is also a reference to that.

The album consists of a two-sided vinyl record, a download code and a 28 x 84 cm poster with all the lyrics on one side.
Cover - front and back.
Poster - front and back.