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    Because you are different, try something new
Because You Are Different, Try Something New
The 1st Titanium card in Thailand
During 2006, several banks were completing in launching Platinum cards and mostly positioning it as 'hiso' credit card. Some used celebrities, some used well-known wealthy person. What KTC had done was to launch Titanium MasterCard and positioned it as a card for those who want to be unique.  With its minimalist design using titanium grain, it reflected taste and discreet feeling, different from Platinum that was  "HEYYYY!! I'm Hiso!!"

Titanium was invented as new material of the world, we used "Try Something New" concept to convince consumer trail. Titanium or going with the flow with Platinum.

We selected the good-image magazines, such as Wallpaper, Lips, IMAGE, T3, etc, and applied not just advertising pages but 'magazine concept' and Fashion Set. It worked when we blended our card with fashion brandname products (that was since then).