What is the Candy Rabbit?
The Candy Rabbit is a collection of two-dimensional avatars The candy rabbit lives in the
metavers space In addition, the Candy Rabbit team is expected to move to being in the
sandbox and Decentraland space
We have decided to sell our amazing Candy Rabbit collection with very special conditions in this event. The conditions are such that the first 400 people will receive 2 free NFTs for each purchase.

You can earn Candy Rabbit NFT from airdrop by joining to our discord🎁
300 special NFT for giveaway whitelist
The purpose of making a collection
 of candy rabbits

1.Helping children with cancer and children in need in the Candy Rabbit Association
Support children and the needy remotely.
Helping people in need relieves mental tension and anxiety. With the help of children, you can take a step towards building an advanced world and giving children life and peace as a gift. Many of you are in a situation where you can contribute to charity.
But you should be sure that with your little help you can help many children in this community and get a share of it.
By buying each piece from the NFT collection of candy rabbits, you have also contributed to saving children 🙏

2.Investing in ourselves is a powerful message to yourself and to the world around you
One of the best investments that successful and great people in the world recommend is investing in ourselves. This investment will have a great return on investment for you and this is fully guaranteed. In fact, it does not matter if the investment is to learn a new skill, to develop your personal and professional abilities, to develop creative creativity to improve yourself.

The important thing is that before you can have something to offer to others, you must first equip yourself with it. In fact, it's something we all need to do. We all need to take the time to improve and grow ourselves and then use it to improve our lives. You need to put your skills and abilities to the highest level possible to ensure your success.
Investing in ourselves can be considered a form of self-friendship. When you love and value yourself, others will respect and love you.

Investing in ourselves sends a powerful message to yourself and to the world around you. That message is:
"The innate abilities and potentials that I have are so valuable and important to me that I am determined to devote special time, energy and attention to them to bring them to maturity and achieve effective results. Show me. "

You can join our community by purchasing any unique NFT piece from the Candy Rabbit collection.

         https://solsea.io                                              https://solanart.io
         https://alpha.art                                                    https://magiceden.io
Sales plan for the first 400 people
1.first day: listing 100 NFT (marketplace : magic eden and solanart)
2.second day: listing 300 NFT (marketplace : magic eden and solanart)
"Tip" 400 firstIt takes 3 days to receive 2 NFT of gift
No one can go back and have a fresh start, but anyone can start now and have a happy ending.
Spend some time doing things that make your soul happy
​​​​​​​Thanks For Watching!

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