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viphomes | Illustration

viphomes are an NFT collectibles project

There are miniature homes of famous people or characters of different categories: series, films, videogames, current celebrities & historical figures. Each home is totally different, unique, and will be on the Ethereum blockchain; the first drop consists of 10 houses and will be available for sale in rarible.​​​​​​​

#01 White's home
(TV Series) The iconic shot of Walter White tossing the pizza on the roof of his house was shot in one take and was only possible because the pizza was unsliced.
#02 Simpson's residence
(TV Series) Normally, the house is located in nº742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield. Nevertheless, by script mistakes,the family has lived in nº1094, 1092, 59, 94, 430, 723, 555 & 1024.
#03 Gump's home
(Films) The Gump house was built specifically for the movie and dismantled after production. It only took two months to build the house.
#04 UP's house
(Films) The real-life story that inspired "Up" happened in Seattle, where the owner, Edith Macefield, turned down an offer of $1.000.000 for her property on 2006.
#05 Peach Castle
(Videogames) The Peach’s Castle was squatted by Bowser, who kidnaped the owner inside. Only Mario & Luigi are brave enough to save the princess and all the Mushroom Kingdom.
#06 Aerith's garden
(Videogames) Aerith's house is one of the few places on Midgar where flowers grow up. It is the garden of the slums & a hidden safeplace for the terrorist group Avalanche.
#07 Musk's prefab
(Current celebrities) Elon Musk sold all his mansions in 2021 and he decided to move into this tiny prefab house.“It’s kinda awesome though” Elon Musk.
#08 Nakamoto's home
(Current celebrities) Was Bitcoin developed in this garage? Is Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto the founder of the biggest cryptocurrency in the world?
#09 Einstein's home
(Historical figures) Albert Einstein reportedly requested that this house not be made a museum. Nonetheless, it was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1976.
#10 Job's garage
(Historical figures) Apple headquarters began on this garage, becoming the most iconic headquarter of tech history.
The process
Sketch in procreate to later make the structure in illustrator and finally give it colour.
viphomes | Illustration


viphomes | Illustration