These are different Verizon Wireless TV spots targeting the US Hispanic Market.
This commercial is for the launch of the new iPad 3. We were asked to showcase not only its capabilities but the power it gets from Verizon’s 4G LTE network. All live action had to happen inside a store. The plot revolves around the hidden passion of a very masculine dad for novelas (the Hispanic term for soap operas).
The following one talks about one of the Verizon’s Unlimited Plans. Our main character multiplies himself as a visual effect to reinforce the main benefit of the plan. Over the live action there’s a song explaining the offer in detail.
VO:  With so much unlimited, is like having an unlimited you. Connect your family of 4 for less than $30 a month per line.

Verizon. Tú Mandas.
This one belongs to a campaign where the Verizon network is compared to the AT&T network. This commercial was shot by Will Speck and Josh Gordon (Blades of Glory) with the amazing Director of Photography Claudio Miranda (David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)
P.S. This is an adaptation from Mc Cann’s campaign that I did, so the idea it’s not mine. I’m adding it here because this is the standard the Hispanic Market will and should reach soon. Hopefully. 
VO: Get more out of your smartphone by getting more 3G coverage than AT&T. Only with Verizon.
The next one focuses both on the coverage and reliability of the VerizonNetwork.  Soccer World Cup 2010 was around the corner and we wanted to convey how essential would it be for our target to be able to celebrate the passion for their teams with their buddies abroad.