Logo Design
Early calligraphic explorations. The overly ornate script was too formal and high class for the personal nature of the project. Note the word mark with the number 1 for the i in list. This idea appears in another concept sketch below.
Some interesting ligatures, particularly s-t & a-m.
Some more script explorations, and some ideas for using the number 1 to suggest the best item in the list.
Early draft of what became the primary concept. Working back and forth between pencil sketches and the calligraphy pen was really effective for this style.
Drippy text done with a calligraphy pen.
Beginning to refine the letterforms and work out spacing and thickness.
Making edits over a print out of the vector design. Here I added a C-e ligature and modified the top of the L.
Primary Concept: After extensive sketching and refining here is the primary word mark which can be used with or without the '.com'. This fully customized text concept captures the creamy goodness of the name without being too formal. It open enough to include each persons' personal list of the best life has to offer, while creating a unified voice for the site through style and color.
Exploration of a swirly C monogram
Exploration of a-m monogram ligature
Unused Concepts: (1) A creamsicle formed from a list icon, dripping with deliciousness! (2) A monogram formed by the words "the best of the best of the best of..."