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G-Tech | a concept of hair dryer designed for man
Industrial Design

A concept of hair dryer designed for man, that fit different men's wingspans.
How to improve the efficiency of the hair dryer and meet the needs of male?
User experience
I am one of the users, explore the problem points of the product through the operation process, and determine the design direction. During the process, three major problems encountered by male users, found as the entry point of this project.

1.Product Demand
Men pursue the use efficiency of products, and the swing range is relatively fast in the process of blow-drying, which causes the wires to be entangled and easy to get knotted.

2. How to use
Because of the emphasis on efficiency, the hair drying process does not use the non-dominant hand to dry the hair, so the hair behind the non-dominant side cannot be dried reliably.

3. Product Interface
​​​​​​​For the control of air volume and temperature, men only use the same mode.
Idea sketch
Grip Feature
The handle can be adjusted back and forth to adapt to the needs of different men's arm spans. One-handed hair drying will not be limited by the arm span, resulting in the trouble of being unable to dry your hair in pursuit of efficiency.
Simplified mode
I simplified the product operation into two parts, switch and air volume temperature. The one-button press that combines air volume and temperature into one saves user efficiency.
Rotating Structure
1. Hair dryer mask adjusts the angle of the wind.
2. The bottom rotating structure prevents the kink caused by the swing of operation. 
    Light color to identify three different modes.
Detachable Design
Fans and air inlets and air outlets are prone to dust, and the cover can be removed to clean the dirt.
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Taipei, Taiwan​​​​​​​
Dec. 2020

Product Design
School Individual Project

Design by PIN-YI LEE
G-Tech | a concept of hair dryer designed for man

G-Tech | a concept of hair dryer designed for man

A concept of hair dryer designed for man, that fit different men's wingspans.