Kastello's special
Custom design coffee cups for Kastello
porcelain espresso and cappuccino cups with silicon insolating rings
This set of coffee cups was ordered by a good barista and coffee bar owner Jens Modig. Modig is a nice Sweedish family name meaning brave. And yes he is.
Without any specific guideline or wish Jens ordered a set of custom designed porcelain cups from me for serving espresso and cappuccino at his place. I had complete freedom, he didn't even set a deadline for the project. His trust was both inspiring and frustrating. If you are told that you can do anything you want, where do you start?
Front of Kastello.
Well, I started at Kastello. That is the name of his coffee bar. Cool little place, clean space, smell of coffee... very nice.
What made the strongest impression was his beautiful professional coffee machine. It not only makes brilliant coffee, it's also very beautiful. It has the touch of the Italian retro car-design and the creamy sweet colour of milk foam. So that was the starting point.
The cups are inspired by the style of the machine and the idea of that once-futuristic design of cars of the 60's.
Not much more to say, I had the idea and got to work.
The beauty that inspired the cups.
The packaging is designed by Rebeka Molnar.
The cups have no handles. Instead I made 3 rings around the shape by which you hold the cup. These rings create a distance from the hot cup to your finger, working as insulation. The creamy white colour is matching with the machine.
In case you get bored of white, you can place fitting silicon rings in the grooves in the colour of your choice. By adding a bit of colour the character of the cup changes and creates a personal connection (by favourite colour) or a wider context (colours of the footbal team playing today).
Naked cups and the dressign up.
The silicon rings fit perfectly in the grooves providing better insolation and bit of a personality. The silicon rings are, just like the cups, microwave, freezer and dish washer safe.
Any colure and any colour combination is possible.
The espresso cup fits in the cappucino cup both upside up and upside down (closing from dust).
When he sees them for the first time.
The logo of Kastello is stamped in the buttom. You only notice that little detail when you finish your cofee. It really adds to it.
The proud barista.
The cups come in a clever little box designed by Rebeka Molnar.
When everything was ready we had a stunning summer cup-release party in Kastello.
And they are used ever since, live happily ever after.
Sneak peek in the making
The basic shape was created on the plaster spin.
Cup and plate. The buttom of the 2 cup sizes is the exact same, which makes it easier to create the plates. both cup fits in the same plate. Anyhow, there is 2 sizes of plates as well.
casting and stamping
In the kiln.
My logo on the buttom.
Thedisplay detailes.
Test drive.
Perfect fit!
The very first custumer to try the new cup.
Kastello's special

Kastello's special

Custom designed porcelain cup set for Kastello