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    Low resolution copies of floor plans redrawn and cleaned up

This is a low resolution scan of an office floor plan I was given to recreate because it would need to have many alterations in the future. 

This is the same floor plan cleaned up and redrawn so that it is much easier to read now. I had to make some alterations to it as well because certain parts of the original were too faint to entirely understand.
Another original office floor plan - the quality on this was actually quite good, but this was also a scanned image that could not easily be altered, so it needed to be redone.
The same floorplan redrawn - the most difficult part was not getting all of the offices correct, but ensuring the hallways still looked the same.
These are original floor plans for a residential property. These were also in good condition, but needed to be redone for the same reason - this image is a low resolution scan. I do not think this property needed to be edited very much, but the color needed to be removed.
The residential floor plan redrawn - and now without color!
Another residential floor plan that unfortunately was a scan. This one was a bit time-consuming because of the extra detail in the kitchen, closets, windows and sliding doors.
The redrawn version - I actually had the hardest time getting the doors for the pantry and linen closet just right.
This is an industrial building floor plan. It was a little confusing at first becase it looks like there is a wall missing on the second floor, but actually it is just trying to show that the space is open to down below.
The redrawn version - it was decided the best way to show the 'Open to Below' space on the second floor was with a dotted line rectangle.