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    Speculative Print Campaign.
Jägermeister "What are you hunting?"
The campaign would be made to heighten the visibility of Jägermeister the german herbal liquor.
Jägermeister was named after the original distiller Curt Mast who was an enthusiastic hunter. Not to mention that Jägermeister means Hunting Master in German. The logo of Jägermeister also reflects this image by incorporating a deer and the symbol of the cross above the deer. This represents the image that two hunter Saints saw as an image when they converted to the Catholic faith.
Going with this rich history that Jägermeister had for hunting, I developed the slogan “What are you hunting?” This slogan not only incorporates the hunting image that Jägermeister has developed but also can be used as play on words. What are you hunting? Are you a guy looking for a girl at the bar? The ads would be targeted towards mainly men at the 21-30-age range. Secondary targets would be women with the same age range. Ads would be trying to draw the reader’s attention. Using the images as a way to evoke curiosity. The main goal again is to heighten visibility and recognition of the product.