Summative Activity
My Pitch
In this project, I am doing a Walk Cycle for the character. My main goal here is to make the character walk and make looping walk cycle animation. Different symbols will be used to make the legs of the character. I chose this animation as it is challenging for me but can also be completed before the deadline. Also, walking a character is a key part in any animation and I thought I should learn it.
Making a looping background
Character walking in the same place
A rotating planet under the character's feet
Making a shadow of the character
Key Terms
FPS, key frames, symbols, onion skinning, Transform tool, frames, Radiant, Gradient
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Summative Activity
Animation Task
Walk Cycle
24 FPS
Karanvir Jassal
2014 Summative tutorial
Walk Cycle (Character Animation)
In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make your character walk. There are a plenty of ways to make somebody walk but we are going to use the method of looping background with the help of graphic symbols for the character inside a nested symbol.
·        Looping backgrounds are moving layer(s) where an event takes place.
·        Graphic symbols are used for images. They are created so that we can use them anytime in the timeline from the library.
·        Nesting symbol is a technique of placing one or multiple symbols inside another symbol.
Before we go any further, here’s a quick checklist of what needs to be done to complete the tasks.
Ø Making a character
Ø Graphic symbols for the character
Ø Designing a looping background
1) Make your character or use the one you already have. We will make a simple 2D character as it will be easier to create the walk cycle with that character.
2) You need to have a character with different graphic symbols inside a nested symbol.
3) The legs of the character should be made up of 3 different symbols: Upper leg, Lower leg and the sneaker.
4) The first step to make the character walk is to position the legs into several major different positions. In the first step, the foot should be flat on the ground and then lifting it up step by step. In the second last step, the foot should be completely off the ground. At the end, the foot should go forward to just when it’s started planting the foot again on ground.
5) Depending on the position of the foot, you should use different graphic symbols for the foot to transform it into its new position.
6) Now, we will create more leg symbols between the major leg positions to establish a cycle. You can do it using the free transform tool. You can do it frame by frame or you can tween it too. I have done both of them to show you that they both work.
7) All that you have to do now is to make a looping background. I made a planet revolving under the character’s feet to establish a looping background.
Summative Activity

Summative Activity

Summative Activity for Animation class. Walk Cycle animation and tutorial.


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