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Magu Kombucha Branding & Packaging 2022

Magu Kombucha
We're part of Magu Kombucha branding & packaging from the very beginning, year 2018. This project shows how important details are and that a loved product can still evolve, pushing the boundaries further. 
It's just never finished. Take a look how Magu changed from the first version, how something so simple as a hand-drawn "m" symbol could grow up and how minimal packaging can look.

Client: Magu ® 
Visualizations: Daniel Kinský
Our first intentions were obvious. A product packaging should show what's inside – the flavour. So the first versions of Magu are showing just that.
But since Magu is something so much more than a classic beverage, we decided to go a different direction. Let the content of a bottle speak for itself. Let the natural colour give you a hint. We just brand the magic inside a beautifully designed glass bottle with a simple hand-drawn M.
The iconic M symbol is a perfect example of how something that simple can evolve in time. Still keeping its clarity and brand, we slightly changed it multiple times for a better product fit.
There's more to come. 

You'll hear about Magu a lot.

Thank you.
Magu Kombucha Branding & Packaging 2022


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Magu Kombucha Branding & Packaging 2022

Magu Kombucha minimal branding & packaging.