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    Some Logo design I made. All of them have copyright.
Logo Design fo"Vania"

I played with the first two letters, "V" and "A" and the viva TV channel came to my mind. I started with the basic and client wanted something more... "photoshop", so I gave him the 3D option. At the end, He chose the last one, the purple one.
"Visual Sound"
Logo Design for "Visual Sound"
"Biomusic 6 in 1"
Logo Design for "Biomusic 6 in 1 frecuencias reequilibrantes"

I had some problems with this company as they wanted to keep the same style they already had on their logo. I send them about 60 or 70 different options but at the end, I just had to apply some changes to the old one.

These I uploaded here are one of my favorites. This company is about relaxing music; water, earth, waves, peace, etc. 
My Logos

These are all my logos, the first one is for video edition. Second one is for Photography and Design. Third one... for everything else.

1.- Word Up Studio

2.- Eengreen Project

3.- Okhio (variations)