'Mayv' Single Malt Whisky Branding
'Mayv' single malt Whisky is a Whisky distilled for the ladies. The idea was to produce something women want to drink. This sample bottle drink range was created to suduce the fairer sex. In the way of cute, fun and tasty premade cocktails ready to action. Enjoy, and give my regards to Mr. Grey.
The 'Mayv' logotype was developed by hand to have a whip-like look.
These drawings show the packaging design process. Included in the process, a rough dieline and alternate finishings
Left: Producing the packagings foam inlay which is to support the drinks while in transport. Right: This Dieline shows the layout of the finalised lid packaging.
Various other madia exaples, including a webpage and magazine advert.
The completed 'Mayv' satin lined packaging, pre-mixed sample test-tube bottles and logo
'Mayv' Single Malt Whisky Branding