Super Stella S2 is a fast paced action platformer made in pixelart style, developed by Double Dash Studios . Inspired by games like Megaman, Dustforce, Metroid and Strider, Stella brings to the table a new energy system. The player must play while managing the suit's energy system, since Stella needs the suit to survive.
Although this project is still under development, Stella won People's Choice Award at SBGames 2013 (Brazil's national game conference).
My participation was doing game design, character design and animation.
short teaser
longer gameplay video
Megadrive cover (just for fun)
Lucas Thiers
An indestructible sphere that breaks then rebuilds itself everytime it's hit
A power-up item that was used in the early versions of the game,and removed later on
A energy-beam trap that instantly kills whoever touches it
Basic enemy explosion
A high-energy Shotgun style attack
Explosion caused by homing shots
Big explosion caused by grenades or mines