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emocare Owl - Character Design

Emocare Shell Design
The research project emocare aims to support the health care sector in elderly care. Algorithms track gestures, facial expressions and voice of seniors and alarm nurses if negative emotions like sadness, pain or anger arise.
To better acceptance, the prototype of the assistive tech is hidden inside a shell design - comparible to an Alexa shell.

For study purposes I designed this owl shell and created a 3D model in Blender. Furthermore it was printed as 3D owl and was presented seniors of residents home in a scientific study.

Emocare is a research project of the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg and Dr. Hornecker. The design and shell was developed for this project and all copyrights belong to the project.

Find out more about emocare and their research:

Character Design Process
After collecting images of owls in a moodboard, I started thumbnailing and pitched my iterations to the client. Draft number 5 was based upon the feedback of the researchers.

3D Owl Process
With a design thumbnail as reference the shell was modelled in Blender.
The hardware had to fit inside and needed external ports for USB cable, Power supply and other adapters. A box modelling method was applied to ensure general meausurements were kept before modelling the details on top.

emocare Owl - Character Design


emocare Owl - Character Design