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    Cover project for music works
[  C  0  v  3  r  s  ]


1. To place something upon or over, so as to protect or conceal.
2. To overlay or spread with something: cover potatoes with gravy.
3. a. To put a cover or covering on.
b. To wrap up; clothe.

4. To invest (oneself) with a great deal of something: covered themselves with glory.
5. a. To spread over the surface of: Dust covered the table. Snow covered the ground.
b. To extend over: a farm covering more than 100 acres.

6. a. To copulate with (a female). Used especially of horses.
b. To sit on in order to hatch.

7. To hide or screen from view or knowledge; conceal: covered up his misdemeanors.
8. a. To protect or shield from harm, loss, or danger.

b. To protect by insurance: took out a new policy that will cover all our camera equipment.
c. To compensate or make up for.

9. To be sufficient to defray, meet, or offset the cost or charge of: had enough funds to cover her check.
10. To make provision for; take into account: The law does not cover all crimes.
11. To deal with; treat of: The book covers the feminist movement.
12. To travel or pass over; traverse: They covered 60 miles in two days.
13. a. To have as one's territory or sphere of work.
b. To be responsible for reporting the details of (an event or situation): Two reporters covered the news story.

14. To hold within the range and aim of a weapon, such as a firearm.
15. To protect, as from enemy attack, by occupying a strategic position.
16. Sports a. To guard (an opponent playing offense).
b. To defend (a position or area): cover third base; cover the backcourt.

17. To match (an opponent's stake) in a wager.
18. To purchase (stock that one has shorted).
19. Games To play a higher-ranking card than (the one previously played).
20. Music To record a cover version of (a song).
21. Obsolete To pardon or remit.