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Alga - 3D Printed Lighting Design
"Alga is a pendant light inspired by the Noctilucae Scintillans Algae. This hybrid pendant light and art installation replicates both the molecular structure, and the Bioluminescent characteristics of this particular Algae."
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Alga was produced through a process of 3D printing and glass blowing, combined with OEM parts. The final version, pictured above, was printed on a ZCORP 650 printer in 5 parts, and then assembled and finished.
Alga V2 will be available for purchase in January 2015. Alga V2 is produced with a revolutionary manufacturing technique. Alga V2 will retail for $450 AUD. For more information please visit Sebastian's website, or contact him directly.
To purchase Alga V2 please contact, or contact Sebastian through his website
Alga was featured in the Switched On lighting design exhibition held in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia in November 2013.
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For more information on Alga V2, please view Beta
Alga - 3D Printed Lighting Design