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    Alliox is a concept design influenced from the Phonebloks.
The Alliox project is based on the Phonebloks concept, where the credit of the foundation concept of this project belongs to the creator of the Phonebloks. Phonebloks is a creation by Dave Hakkens, his idea is to create a highly customizable phone that reduce electric waste. Check out their wesbsite: https://phonebloks.com 
The main difference compared to the original design of the Phonebloks is it is a flip phone, which was one of the most popular phone types in the past. Alliox is the new generation of flip phones, combining the latest looks of touch screen from smart phone into the classic style of flip phone, and instead of just one screen, it makes it three.
The idea of the design is to create a new concept phone away from the trend of making it bigger. The product is based on modern technology and redesigned in a creative and clever way.
The most popular phones on the market today encompass the trend to large touch screen technology which increases the phones size and research shows that most of them do not fit  in the pockets of modern clothing. The concept design will become the smallest minimal 4’’ screen display in 1920 x 1080 ratios, and in a triple screen display design.
The advantage of the design of a flip phone is it provides four surface areas, the classic flip has the shell cover on the front and back, a screen with a keypad inside. Alliox concept replaces the keypad with another touch screen and also attaches one on the front. This allows the phone to be used like a normal smart phone and also introduce the new duo screen display when it flips open.
The shape of the phone design is simple and clean with smooth rounded corners for easy holding. The phone is held together with a plastic ring and with a aluminium frame around it, giving it the strength but still giving the user a quality refined feel in hand. The screws are accessible to the user, allowing any customisation. There are mainly five sections of the hardware, the face, the module, the skeleton, the ring and the frame.
Not everyone likes a touch screen, If the user prefers to use keypad, they can replace the third screen with one. There are different types of keypad setup that the user can decide on, they can have a standard number keypad, or a full qwerty keypad. There is a screen behind the keypad, which depends on what program the phone is running, it shows different characters and icons.
The double screen display gives the user massive versatility but it is not an ideal size for gaming and video. The idea is to allow the double screen layout horizontally.
The design allows the user to take the two screen apart and rearrange its position for better wide screen display. It is also a better position for gaming, especially with a keypad. Simply switch off the magnetic lock, slide the top screen side way to disengage the two screens. Then place the top screen side by side to the bottom, the inbuilt magnet will hold them together. The screens are connected wireless through NFC or Bluetooth to synchronize data.
The frame can be more than just holding the parts together. User can add customised functionality to the frame. For example, the user can replace a difference design frame with buttons, speakers or connectivity plug slot. 
The user can pick their favourite colour for the shell, frame and the ring, this allow the user to fully customize the look of their phone. The user also can choice the shell cover made by their prefer brand.
Alliox have its own OS call ‘IOX’ which stands for ‘Interactive Operating Xpert’. Alliox also allows the user to pick their phone processor, that means they can also pick their own OS. IOX has the capability to run other OS to fit the user needs. Below is a sample of three popular OS cooperated with IOX with the same style of user interface.
The Alliox uses the latest technology of wireless charging, simply place the phone on top of the charger to start recharging. The green light line shows the level of recharging, it fills up the whole line while the phone is charging.
Sustainable packaging is not just about using less or recyclable materials. The idea of the Alliox packaging will use an expensive type of materials but approach sustainability in a different way. The packaging of the Alliox will be made of pure aluminium, it is a tough but light material. The packaging will simply have the logo on top to show the brand.
The reason of using an expansive packaging is to show the consumer that they need to pay for the packaging too. Then they have two choices, they can keep the packaging for collection, and as it is precious packaging or they will keep it as part of the product. The other choice is to return the packaging to the factory. In which case, the customers will receive a full refund of the cost of the packaging back. Then the packaging will be used again for other customers.
Not everyone will be willing to pay the cost of the packaging, then they can use the vending machine. This method can sell the product without any packaging and the product still deliver to customers hand in perfect shape.
The vending machine allows the customers to pick the parts they want on their phone, the machine will then assembly the phone for the customers after the payment. The vending machine is also a repair and upgrading station, the machine can replace the broken part or the out dated processor in the phone.
All in one, one for all