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Zion LDN - Branding design

The logo icon undertook major changes from the first sketch to the chosen edit. Initially, i thought the icon could have warped text incorporated into it but i realised i had to simplify the icon for it to still be functional when it is scaled down. I went back to my sketchbook and made a set of primary and secondary icons which best fit the concept, i knew it had to look like a mask but i also wanted it to be memorable with not too many ‘busy’ parts to it.

Next, i used the brand colours to explore possible combinations for the icon. 
I identified the concepts that did not fit the brief and began narrowing down my choices to the one which worked best in Black and White as well as colour.


Here's the fun part. I had the opportunity to also design and animate event flyers for Zion London's upcoming events. I explored a range of ideas but i settled on a retro / abstract aesthetic. From earlier research i saw that these type of posters were most popular through the years, so i tried different layouts and textures to figure out what would be effective and took feedback from the client to simplify the concept further.
We concluded that it was better to prioritise the text hierarchy and the icon in the flyer first, then explore other abstract ideas as the brand hosted more events. I opted for a simple animation to add some character to the poster, making it more visually engaging.
Flyer draft concepts:

Final edit:

Lastly, i completed the project with a logo/brand guidelines pack for the client with helpful information about the use and application of all the brand assets in print and digitally too. 
Application & Context
Throughout the project i was constantly thinking of how the Logo and flyers would translate across various screens and items. Considering they are primarily into events it was clear that i needed to look into the following:
- Mobile App and website
- Billboards, Posters, Leaflets
- Animations
- Event wristbands and clothing merchandise
Despite having a good understanding of the brief i struggled with narrowing down my ideas quickly. I had wanted all of the logos i made to play a part in the brand but this only complicated the process.
I also worked primarily in colour. And although this was good for providing clarity of how the designs would look in the end , It is imperative to design in black and white first to see how well your ideas work once everything is stripped back. This made me realise most of the earlier icons looked almost unrecognisable without colour.

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Zion LDN - Branding design


Zion LDN - Branding design