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Gaby's | Brand Identity

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​​​​​​​Gaby’s preliminary idea was to create an international restaurant concept,
strong enough to eventually become an international brand name. 
Therefore our team went for the idea of a trend which will give Gaby’s an edge to the concept,
and help the brand stand out in any potential culture or market. 
First, face lifting a piece of the culture in terms of food, where the brand will be introduced at.
Which will create only 5% of the menu if not less, and 95% will remain for the international menu.
This will become a way to approach new markets around the world, and give room to play around
with ways to facelift their favorite local dish.
In order to highlight this trend we decided to create a signature design to compliment the concept
which will differentiate Gaby’s from any other international brand. The signature will be part of the design where ever it goes, and will give an original and amusing experience to the customer. 

Design Direction / Concept
& Graphic Design by:
Ahmed Biomy

Gaby's | Brand Identity


Gaby's | Brand Identity

Gaby's | CityStars, Restaurant & Cafe, Branding By: Ahmed Biomy, D-Studios


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