The Wizard's Stone

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  • Behind the Scenes
    A little back to this project. I was asked to create a 10 page short story for a split, South African and Australia Comic Anthology. I pushed it up to 12 pages simply because I don't know how to get a compelling story out in 10 without it just being fight scenes.
  • Production and Process
    Below was a early test for the page. I just wanted to get down to colours. I didn't do much sketching for these layouts which is bad and slowed me down a lot. I should know better. Once I started to plan the pages out more things did go faster.
  • Very first color key sketch I did. I really have an issue with deciding on color schemes.
    They are very important to me.
  • Concept for Jurtan's Lair with Creodine's eye in the background.
    Jurtan's the evil wizard in the story who has corrupted the river god, Creodine.
  • Character Design
    I did a fair amount of sketches before I got to the final character design.
    A part of the process I spend the most time on.
  • Jurtan
    The evil wizard was the first breakthrough I had in my style and character design progress. I had initially started with the hero as one usually does and the hero was male humanoid alien at first. Then I watched some Miyasaki films as one does and Harry Potter. Well I decided I wanted to do a story that didn't involve a typical warrior with a sword. I do love swords and shields but wizard staffs and magical potions are now by far my most favorite thing in fantasy.
  • Jurtan is a mix between a bad and a warthog. Instead of horns on his head.
    He's got them coming out of his mouth. That's pretty cool right?
  • Stories are only as good as the supporting characters. That's what I believe. I often like the supporting character in books and movies far more than the main characters. This characters was to be our heroes guide to Jurtans desolate tower. 
  • Jurtan's tower has been bulid around the corrupted Creodine. I wasn't sure of how much scale I should give it.
    Originally the characters would be fighting on top of Creodine and there was no Tower.
    Architecture is rad, so I had to try.
  • I wanted the world to feel old and have ruins. Again because I love ruined churches and castles. It's just unbelievably awesome to look at. Especially when vegetation has grown on it. These were some sketches for that. I managed to get one of them into the first page.
  • I often sketch out sequences on another page to see if what I've written down makes sense visually. I have to make concepts for a lot of things before I start on a page. Slows me down but I like the process. What if it was a video game or a movie. You'd have to make sure the mechanic worked and choose an effective POV and frame it correctly. 
  • Mini sketches of ideas I had for frames. The one on the far left I really wanted in the story but it did not fit.
    Bottom line is creativity is hard. This has been a passion project and I've learned a lot through it. I have much more to learn and lot more growing to be done.
  • My friend Steven Prouse helped write this story with me and he's been extremely patient with me.
    I've still got a bit to finish on this and hopefully I'll be finished soon.