Mars One Astronaut Helper App
Mars One app that astronauts going to mars will aquire at the Humans on Mars 2023. Four symbols that communicates four main goals of the company: Technology, Exploration, Colonization and Society. Mars Rover Curiousity’s goal is to search for life compatability in mars. Nasa and Mars One become a team to develop technology to travel to Mars and aquire every sorts of information of Mars to confirm and begin human settlement on Mars in 2023. Mars One will choose 4 applicants every 2 years to train, become astronauts and travel to Mars to begin establishment.
Since they need to learn information
or when they complete the training after 7 years, they will know everything they need to know about the technology that will assist them and that roams around Mars to acquire information on the weather, surface, etc. They will also know everything about the science of Mars. They also need something that will be personal that they can store their information and documentation on their experience on Mars. The target audience will need something that will assist them in building a settlement on Mars. I decided to create this app that will be similar to an assistant that will guide and update them on everything they need to know. This could also be used when they are on their way to Mars and they want to update themselves
on everything. The app will provide the following:

-Ability to store notes, tasks and recieve messages from NASA
-Choose a piece of technology that you want to gain information from and will see all updates and information on what it does and what it is currently doing
-Weather of both Earth (your hometown) and Mars
-Provide articles that will provide info on applicants, goals and updated information on what NASA and MARS ONE posts
-Provide list goals to inspire and help pursue during their establishment like a tasklist
-Live Camera that will assist them in current acts and information of the technology
-Countdown for Establishment

Mars One Astronaut Helper App