Faces of 2013
A young boy waiting in his classroom for the start of the lesson, Inle, Myanmar.
A fisherman going home after a long day on the lake, Inle, Myamnar
A girl peers through a gap in the fence, Bagan, Myanmar.
A boat repair worker chews betel leaf during a short break, Myanmar.
A family gather for the photo in a small apartment in central Yangon. Ho, the father, had just come home from working at a nearby hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
Inside the Ali Ben Youssef Madrasa, Marrakech, Morocco.
An old lady sitting in the winding alleys of the souks Marrakech, Morocco. Old tribal tattoos from the Sahara Region have faded with time.
These six men sit in a alleyway of the souk and sing for their lunch, donations are met with a loud cheer.
Mouhassin owns a jewellery shop in the busy souk in Marrakech, Morocco. He buys and sources items for sale from the Berber and Saharan tribes he and his father frequently visit.
A old lady in Marrakech has bad hearing and so becons me closer.
Ahmed, one of the artisans still praticing the traditional techniques of dying wool, Marrakech, Morocco.
Ahmed sets up a shooting range made up of colourful ballons on a string near the Bosphorous shore in Eastern Istanbul. There is no prize for hitting any balloons, just satisfaction.
An old lady begs on the streets of old Istanbul, recieving donations from locals as well as tourists.
Primiano goes out most days with his dogs into the forests of Abruzzo to collect truffles.  He can be out for up to 14 hrs a day during the high season around October, and often has to swap the dogs around to give them a rest on the long days.
Francesco rides across the Campo Imperatore in Abruzzo, Italy, on a cycle tour of the country.
A curious boy in the Sapa region of Vietnam strolls along and hums to himself through the rice fields.
Ly May Chan walks along with tourists and sells items she has hand made and crafted at home with her family. Some scarves and clothes are created with many hours of labours sewing and embroidering.
A young Red Dao girl watches her buffolo, Ta Phin, Vietnam.
An old lady sits and sells old jars by the roadside, Cat Cat, Vietnam.
A young girl slowly wakes up from her afternoon nap, outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam.
A lady stands outside her house in Kerela, India waiting for a delivery of milk.
A boy in a classroom stands next to some lunch boxes and arranges them on a window sill, Kerala, India.
Transporting palm logs along the backwaters of Kerala, India.
Labourers and porters wait at the bus terminal for work vans to collect them for the days work, Kumily, India.
Cutting tea leaves in the highest Organic Tea Plantation in the world, Kolukkumalai Tea Estate in Kerala, India.
Walking back from the beach as dusk in Kochi, Kerala.
Fish stalls along the water front, Kochi, Kerala.
Jose own a beautiful pearl white1953 Cadillac passed down from his grandfather and now uses it to taxi tourists around Havana, Cuba.
A old but very smiley lady waits for tourists and then jokes about with them for money in the streets of Havana, Cuba.
Enjoying a western cigarette, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
Cowboy hats and Cadillacs a plenty in Cinefuegos, Cuba.
Waiting for tips from tourists, Carlos sits on his donkey all day long and poses for photographs for 1 peso each, Trinidad, Cuba.
A painter refreshes the wall of a hostal, Trinidad, Cuba.
A card reading in Havana, Cuba.
Sofia sits at home as she explains how she has recovered from an illness thanks to her taking up the syncretic religion of Santería and to her given Orisha (spirit), Havana, Cuba.
"Just bought some onions for  my soup" she said, and then asked if i wanted to stay and have some. Kind offer, but i had to decline. Vinales, Cuba.
An dilapidated cockpit from a plane that crashed in 1965 lies in this man's garden, now used as a shelter for his chickens, Vinales, Cuba.
Looking out the window waiting for the rains to stop, Vinales, Cuba.
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Faces of 2013

Faces of 2013

A selection from "Faces of 2013 - just some of the interesting and diverse people I met and photographed on my travels throughout 2013"
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