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    Sleeping in the Shadow of God... And illustration of light for my wife.
For years she's asked me to draw a little girl sleeping in God's shadow. I've never known how to draw that, and while I did make one past attempt, it turned out pretty horrible, so I thought I'd give it another go this year...
I actually dusted off my wacom tablet for this one - I'm not very good with one, but I had no other idea how to draw that tree with the old pen and paper. You'll notice that the little girl isn't so much sleeping in a shadow as much as she is sleeping in a beam of light - That was kind of the point, as my wife and I always pictured the shadow of God to be more like a shadow of light... Which probably makes no sense. Just enjoy the pretty colors already.
As for the fact that God is portrayed as a tree and not an old bearded man... It's more symbolic, so make your own interpretation.