Detail view of main 52 Marks Project logo.
Full view of main 52 Marks Project logo.
Week 01 – New Years – Launched another year, and this 52 Marks project
Week 02 – Crossing Pencils – Designed to promote the process of “Sketch, Design, Create”
Week 03 – Bevelled Numbers – Played with illustrating smooth bevelled numbers
Week 04 – Inauguration – Inspired by the inauguration of our President
Week 05 – Super Bowl – Honored the biggest game, and TV ad reveals, of the year
Week 06 – Design Shop – A fun little mark in a retro surfing brand style
Week 07 – Mardi Gras – Inspired by that annual tradition in The Big Easy
Week 08 – Navy Ship – Created from thoughts of ships seen in Charleston
Week 09 – Printing Press – Visualized paper rolling through the press for this mark
Week 10 – Monogram Letters – Played with a monogram designed in a carving style
Week 11 – Block Letters – Nice study of block letters and illustrated drop shadow
Week 12 – Tax Time – Inspired by everyone’s least favorite time of the year
Week 13 – Beer Label – It would’ve been wrong to not include at least one beer label mark
Week 14 – March Madness – Being a college basketball fan, this one was fun to create
Week 15 – Mexico Uno – Inspired by week one of a Mexican spring break vacation
Week 16 – Mexico Dos – Inspired by week two of a Mexican spring break vacation
Week 17 – Home Opener – Designed to celebrate the start of America’s favorite pastime
Week 18 – Drafting Compass – Was thinking of old drawing tools and wanted an old look
Week 19 – Hood Badge – Inspired by hood ornaments on vintage sports cars
Week 20 – Deadline Clock – This concept came to me after juggling multiple overlapping projects
Week 21 – Compelling Marks – Wanted to play with a nice, clean, compelling shape and look
Week 22 – Website Launch – Designed to honor the launch of this responsive website
Week 23 – Brotherly Love – Inspired by attending the AIGA Leadership Retreat in Philadelphia
Week 24 – Gateway West – Designed during a summer family road trip, which included St. Louis
Week 25 – State Capital – Designed during a summer family road trip, while we visited Des Moines
Week 26 – Windy City – Inspired by a summer family road trip, with rides on Chicago’s “L” trains
Week 27 – Nation’s Birthday – Created to celebrate Fourth of July, in 52 Marks style
Week 28 – Running Shoe – After stepping up my exercise routine, I thought of this mark
Week 29 – Tennis Camp – Inspired by my daughter attending summer tennis camp
Week 30 – Script Font – Played with free-flowing, airy, continuous line, text and strokes
Week 31 – Original Mac – Was thinking of how far Macs have evolved over the years
Week 32 – Lake Dragonfly – Saw a bunch of these guys on the lakes during the summer
Week 33 – Vintage Shirt – Felt like having fun with a vintage shirt-inspired mark
Week 34 – School Crest – Honored all of the college students starting up another year
Week 35 – College Football – Being a huge college football fan, this one felt natural
Week 36 – New Mac – Had to create a mark based on the Mac I looked at daily
Week 37 – Railroad Sign – Inspired by old railroad company brands and signs
Week 38 – Hot Rod – Watched a lot of hot rod remodel and build TV shows during the fall
Week 39 – Minimal Numbers – A study to test displaying numbers with few objects
Week 40 – Target Practice – To honor creative direction being kept on target at all times
Week 41 – Monday Mornings – Created because everyone needs a jump start every once in awhile
Week 42 – Weekend Getaway – Flew the coop over the weekend, and created this when we got back
Week 43 – World Series – Couldn’t resist creating a mark inspired by the Fall Classic
Week 44 – Holy Pumpkin – Played with a simple, stamp-like mark for Halloween
Week 45 – Vintage Label – Nice study of a simple, one-color, vintage-looking label mark
Week 46 – Custom Shield – Wanted a bold, sharp, inter-locking monogram-like shield
Week 47 – 52M Pencils – Inspired by pencils we sketch with daily and used when we were younger
Week 48 – Turkey Day – Great food, fall weather, and football – is there a better holiday?
Week 49 – Southernmost City – Inspired by a holiday season family road trip and Key West’s many roosters
Week 50 – America’s Venice – Inspired by a holiday season family road trip and Ft Lauderdale’s yachting culture
Week 51 – Season’s Greetings – After wrapping gifts this year, couldn’t resist making this mark
Week 52 – Queen City – Paying homage to Charlotte and where this project took place
52 Marks Project

52 Marks Project

I created 52 Marks, a self-initiated identity project, to tackle the challenge of designing a group of marks that were inspired by something seen Read More