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    I created 52 Marks, a self-initiated identity project, to tackle the challenge of designing a group of marks that were inspired by something seen… Read More
    I created 52 Marks, a self-initiated identity project, to tackle the challenge of designing a group of marks that were inspired by something seen, experienced, or completed during a given week in a year. “One Design Each Week for One Year” was the mission of the project to be a “Proponent of Self-Initiated Work.” All marks were designed with a common color palette and name, for being consistent when shown as a group, but each mark individually drew from different inspiration and pursued unique creative direction from the others. An additional challenge, since this was a self-initiated work, was to limit the amount of time per design to no more that 3-4 hours per week. The goal with the time limit was to spend an adequate amount of time per design to pursue unique effects or try previously untried techniques for final art preparation, but to create a challenge to work quickly. Each mark was concepted, sketched, designed and prepared within the weekly time goal. In addition to my website, Work By Kevin, the individual marks can also be viewed on my Dribbble account. Credits Work By Kevin | Kevin Brindley, Advertiser & Client Work By Kevin | Kevin Brindley, Design Studio Creative Director & Designer, Kevin Brindley of Work By Kevin All work samples displayed in this online portfolio reflect work that Kevin Brindley performed exclusively, unless otherwise noted above. Read Less
Detail view of main 52 Marks Project logo.
Full view of main 52 Marks Project logo.
Week 01 – New Years – Launched another year, and this 52 Marks project
Week 02 – Crossing Pencils – Designed to promote the process of “Sketch, Design, Create”
Week 03 – Bevelled Numbers – Played with illustrating smooth bevelled numbers
Week 04 – Inauguration – Inspired by the inauguration of our President
Week 05 – Super Bowl – Honored the biggest game, and TV ad reveals, of the year
Week 06 – Design Shop – A fun little mark in a retro surfing brand style
Week 07 – Mardi Gras – Inspired by that annual tradition in The Big Easy
Week 08 – Navy Ship – Created from thoughts of ships seen in Charleston
Week 09 – Printing Press – Visualized paper rolling through the press for this mark
Week 10 – Monogram Letters – Played with a monogram designed in a carving style
Week 11 – Block Letters – Nice study of block letters and illustrated drop shadow
Week 12 – Tax Time – Inspired by everyone’s least favorite time of the year
Week 13 – Beer Label – It would’ve been wrong to not include at least one beer label mark
Week 14 – March Madness – Being a college basketball fan, this one was fun to create
Week 15 – Mexico Uno – Inspired by week one of a Mexican spring break vacation
Week 16 – Mexico Dos – Inspired by week two of a Mexican spring break vacation
Week 17 – Home Opener – Designed to celebrate the start of America’s favorite pastime
Week 18 – Drafting Compass – Was thinking of old drawing tools and wanted an old look
Week 19 – Hood Badge – Inspired by hood ornaments on vintage sports cars
Week 20 – Deadline Clock – This concept came to me after juggling multiple overlapping projects
Week 21 – Compelling Marks – Wanted to play with a nice, clean, compelling shape and look
Week 22 – Website Launch – Designed to honor the launch of this responsive website
Week 23 – Brotherly Love – Inspired by attending the AIGA Leadership Retreat in Philadelphia
Week 24 – Gateway West – Designed during a summer family road trip, which included St. Louis
Week 25 – State Capital – Designed during a summer family road trip, while we visited Des Moines
Week 26 – Windy City – Inspired by a summer family road trip, with rides on Chicago’s “L” trains
Week 27 – Nation’s Birthday – Created to celebrate Fourth of July, in 52 Marks style
Week 28 – Running Shoe – After stepping up my exercise routine, I thought of this mark
Week 29 – Tennis Camp – Inspired by my daughter attending summer tennis camp
Week 30 – Script Font – Played with free-flowing, airy, continuous line, text and strokes
Week 31 – Original Mac – Was thinking of how far Macs have evolved over the years
Week 32 – Lake Dragonfly – Saw a bunch of these guys on the lakes during the summer
Week 33 – Vintage Shirt – Felt like having fun with a vintage shirt-inspired mark
Week 34 – School Crest – Honored all of the college students starting up another year
Week 35 – College Football – Being a huge college football fan, this one felt natural
Week 36 – New Mac – Had to create a mark based on the Mac I looked at daily
Week 37 – Railroad Sign – Inspired by old railroad company brands and signs
Week 38 – Hot Rod – Watched a lot of hot rod remodel and build TV shows during the fall
Week 39 – Minimal Numbers – A study to test displaying numbers with few objects
Week 40 – Target Practice – To honor creative direction being kept on target at all times
Week 41 – Monday Mornings – Created because everyone needs a jump start every once in awhile
Week 42 – Weekend Getaway – Flew the coop over the weekend, and created this when we got back
Week 43 – World Series – Couldn’t resist creating a mark inspired by the Fall Classic
Week 44 – Holy Pumpkin – Played with a simple, stamp-like mark for Halloween
Week 45 – Vintage Label – Nice study of a simple, one-color, vintage-looking label mark
Week 46 – Custom Shield – Wanted a bold, sharp, inter-locking monogram-like shield
Week 47 – 52M Pencils – Inspired by pencils we sketch with daily and used when we were younger
Week 48 – Turkey Day – Great food, fall weather, and football – is there a better holiday?
Week 49 – Southernmost City – Inspired by a holiday season family road trip and Key West’s many roosters
Week 50 – America’s Venice – Inspired by a holiday season family road trip and Ft Lauderdale’s yachting culture
Week 51 – Season’s Greetings – After wrapping gifts this year, couldn’t resist making this mark
Week 52 – Queen City – Paying homage to Charlotte and where this project took place