a very happy-can_coca-cola

Coca-Cola is very well known all around the world and its message has been always very similar: "Open Happiness". Everybody can recognize Coca-Cola's communication even if you can't see the logo on it.

However, cans for soft drinks are different only in their labels, but the shape of the can is exactly the same. If you only can see the top of different trademarks' cans, you hardly can find the difference. Therefore, Coca-Cola deserves to be different even on this. The proposal consists of this: changing the industrial design of the can, specifically its hole. The idea is redesigning it, of course keeping it adapted to the consumer.
Coca-Cola has been making people happy for 125 years, and the best way to adapt the can to them is making a “Happy-Can”:
Obviously, communication is the most important point. This decision entails a huge outlay. So, it is better if we do a previous test. But we'll do it directly in our communication. Consumers will decide if they want this change or not.

Anyway, just the fact of communicating this proposal will bring an enormous buzz around Coca-Cola. If the campaign is very successful, the redesign will be completed. If not, it won't be completed but Coca-Cola would have greatly increased its share of voice. The key is that this action will always be successful whateve it happens.

The global communication strategy will consist of just a print and a global landing.

Let's start by print, where the key visual would be like this:
If you eventually see the print, information is not completed. You have to go to the link written on it to check what's next.

So, the landing has to complete this information:
Now all the information is completed: 10 million of happy quotes shared is the global target. Since this is a worldwide campaign, the landing should be in all the possible languages. For sharing, users can choose between Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. For this last one, you get a PNG file for downloading, so you can attach it to your e-mail.
It would be nice to see one day this idea actually implemented.


design date // 2011     -     client // Coca-Cola     -     status // unused     -     idea & design // Germán León