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    Dutch Body Build Off 2010: Deathrace Nissan Skyline R32
Deathrace Nissan Skyline R32
Dutch Body Build Off 2010
This is a body for a 1/10 scale remote control car, it is based on the movie Death Race.
I've built this body for the Dutch body-build-off (DBBO) all contestants had to start with the same base, a Tamiya Nissan Skyline R32 clear Lexan bodyshell.
After two months everyone had to stop building and show what they got, here's mine...
Everything is custom built, the gun on the hood, the armor around the car, the rollcage in the inside of the car, and all detals are made from scratch.
The mud on the side of the car is brown paint with sand mixed through, the armor is all made from 1 mm. styrene sheets, glued and screwed together.
There are 73 minuscule screws in this body to keep everything together. ;)
The car has 5 mm. LED's in the headlights.

I finished second in the contest but I enjoyed building it ;)