The OSH City Hall has set a task to create a positive image of the city and develop a tourist brand of OSH, which will be used both in foreign markets and in domestic ones to attract tourists and investors.

Task: Creating a positive image of the city both in the Kyrgyz Republic and around the world.
Target audience: Foreign tourists and tour operators. Domestic and foreign businessmen (investors). Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Positioning: In order to effectively position and distinguish OSH from the cities of competitors and give favorable emotional ideas about the city, the marketing positioning of the city – "OSH is the Provider of the Silk Road", which is aimed at designating the global role of OSH in the world tourism market, has been adopted.​​​​​​​

Client: Osh City Hall (Kyrgyzstan)   /    Designer: Mikhail Chulin [rudisvisum]    /   Service: Logotype

The logo evokes associations with the Great Silk Road, conveys the national flavor and gives the designation of the global role of the city in the world tourism market.


The idea of the logo was based on a double-humped camel, just such animals were used to deliver goods and silk on the Great Silk Road. A mountain symbolizing Sulaiman-Too Mountain was inscribed in the camel's hump. Above the camel there is a starry sky and a crescent moon symbolizing the religious component.

The logo has novelty, aesthetic qualities, adaptability, readability, associativity, technology and conciseness.

The colors were selected, thanks to which the associative series was also transmitted and which gave the logo a share of nobility, allowing it to be distinguished among the majority of multi-colored tourist logos.

To maintain the overall style, a pattern was proposed based on the stars from the logo. This is a fairly simple element and easily perceived.

In addition to the pattern, the client was shown the placement of the logo on printed products: business cards, paper gift bags and souvenir badges.

The task of developing a logo for the city of Osh was set as a competitive work,
my version of the logo was chosen among 70 participants. Another small victory for 2021.

Russia, Moscow 2021


Logo city Osh


Logo city Osh