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Hoian d’Or

Client: Hoian d’Or
Location: Vietnam
Agency: Richard Moore Associates
Scope: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Visual System, Marketing Materials

Hoian d’Or is located at the mouth of the Thu Bon River. With a total area of 24 hectares and three sides bordering the river and the North adjacent to the residential area, the project has achieved the efficiency of views in urban space. With the aim to becoming a highlight of Hoi An, an ancient town recognized by UNESCO, the project is uniquely designed to retain cultural values with its natural beauty and simultaneously bringing visitors sublime experience. 


Hoian d'Or brand identity is a compilation of elements that are important values that represent the ancient town and beyond. 

The squares symbolize Heritage (the unique architecture), Light (new beginning), Culture (traditional craft villages) and Nature (the mountains and rivers that surround the area). Together they form an elegant and strong identity, worthy of a leading real estate project in Hoi An. ​​​​​​​


The visual system offers a well-balanced format for the brand through the use of photography, texture, illustration and typography. The old and new values intertwine through the mix of acrylic paintings of Hoi An, water texture overlay the modern deep magenta hue and gold touches.

With enthusiasm and aspiration to preserve the cultural - historical - artistic values of Hoi An, Hoian d’Or connects the glorious past and the proud present by bringing aesthetic essences to life. Through the brochure, the readers will have the opportunity to fully experience the local charm. 
Hoian d’Or is surrounded by luscious green and calming waters, promising a wealth of privileged amenities of a luxurious property in a prime location. Visitors can immerse themselves in endless cultural experiences all year round. ​​​​​​​


Creative Directors: Thy Nguyen-Huu, Thuan H. Nguyen
Design Director: Do T. Nguyen
Creative Designers: Bich Tran, Minh Le, Linh M. Nguyen
Video Editor: Minh Nguyen

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Hoian d'Or | Brand Identity