What is a brand identity?
An organisation's brand identity is often better known as its logo. It can also be described as its badge, coat of arms, corporate identity, crest, emblem, hallmark, insignia, logotype, mark, marque, monogram, motif, seal, shield, signature, symbol or trademark.
Here’s some brand identities I have designed, illustrated, refreshed or creatively directed either as direct commission, in-house, or as part of an agency team.

A logo is not a brand. If you think of a brand like a human being, a logo would be the person’s face – we remember people by their faces. A logo is the artistic / graphic / typographic representation of the brand. Likewise, a brand is not a logo. A brand is a product, service, or concept, that uses a brand identity to publicly distinguish it from other similar products and services so that it can be memorably communicated, advertised and marketed. 

I am an experienced designer and creative director specialising in brand identity (BI), visual identity systems (VIS) and corporate communications (CC). 

I’ve worked my way through the creative ranks from junior art director to co-founding an international sports agency. During which time I captained the team that created three FIFA World Cup emblems. I’ve helped ideate, craft and deliver all manner of exciting design projects. And I even won the FT’s Mouldy Mince Pie Award for my endeavours.

Most recently, I’ve been working client side at the Bank of England directing some lovely projects including the campaigns for the new £20 / £50 polymer banknotes, and the refresh of their brand identity & visual identity system.

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Peter McCabe