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AR Botanical Creator Experience — Riverfront Museum

Welcome to a place pulled straight from your imagination. Our botanical world of Theia offers a customizable growing experience that will flourish with your creativity.

We are, collectively, creating a new world through Augmented Reality that allows explorers to combine plants, flowers, foliage or create their own, and make worlds one can only imagine on alien landscapes. 

However, these aren’t typical greenery you’d find in any ordinary garden, these ones have more personality and are out of this world!

This AR gaming experience is coming soon and will be live at the Peoria Riverfront Museum, in the greater Chicago area during the summer of 2022.

Theia goddess world persona


Mood board, look and feel, style


Concept illustration style

Welcome screen concept

Interface / UI concept

Staging, floorplan, wayfinding, integration with the Peoria Riverfront Museum interior design
Stage / background / setting / podium ideation — explorers will also be able to superimpose their augmented botanical creations with their own real-world backgrounds, in-museum greenhouse setting, with their friends, and share socially.
This in-process real-world project brings the amazing diverse talent and skills of a team I'm leading and with our partner, Peoria Riverfront Museum — 
it wouldn't be possible in any other realm without collaboration, pushing the limits of current technology, and thinking with a growth mindset. 
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AR Botanical Creator Experience — Riverfront Museum


AR Botanical Creator Experience — Riverfront Museum

Theia is team-created Augmented Reality experience for the Peoria Riverfront Museum built on Unity and will be presented on iPads and a large, im Read More