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Stick bugs book
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Some time ago we had the beautiful task of illustrating a book for the first time! it was super fun and challenging, so we're happy to share it with you :)
It was made all in paper, so we developed and constructed a lot of characters and props, and had a great time at the studio thinking ideas, designing, building and photographing the images for this book, with talented friends.
We hope you enjoy the results and the "making of", always our favorite part!

STICK BUGS is part of the Toucan series published by Heggerty, an organization that promotes phonemic awareness giving tools to teachers to encourage children's reading.
The entire collection was written by Emily Gibbons and each book illustrated by different artists.
Eugenia Mello was the amazing art director and it was such a joy to work with her! <3

The whole Toucan Series
In the final part of the project we worked at the studio with Leonor García Vercillo who helped us build the models. She also kept us calm with all the amount of work left to do! :D

Federico Lo Bianco made the photography. He gave the perfect atmosphere to each scene!
We were so happy to meet him on this project.
Thank you so much for watching!
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Stick bugs book

Stick bugs book