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Hey guys, I'm happy to share another project I had the opportunity to work on a while ago...
Thanks to Thomas Goebel from Saatchi&Saatchi Düsseldorf for trust and easy going...


Task: In the campaign "NRWalley- Revolution Starts Here" the illustration is transporting
the central message of mirroring the the big potential of startup-founders in NRW
in Germany) and giving a hint to the beginning of their
revolutionary ideas: the legendary startup-garage.

Idea: A typographic eruption that mirrors the colorfulness and broad diversity of startups
is blasting the dimensions of the little garage.

Solution: The colorful explosion of creativity is contrasting the dull atmosphere of a typical german

garaging facility in a fresh and bold way.
Startups change our actuality, visions become reality and progress is inexorable.
Easy decodable visual hints are referring to the scope and mentality of the startup scene.
Curiosity, selfconsciousness and passion for transformation are conveyed instantly.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Düsseldorf
Creative Executive: Alexander Reiss
Creative Direction: Tobias Schelo
Art Direction: Thomas Göbel
Client Contact: Pascal Vrinssen, Sandra Lipske
Strategic Planning: Oliver Loh

Illustration: Mark Gmehling
Senior Copywriter: Clemens Wadepohl
Copywriter: Laura Gaszak

...these colorvariants made it to airing
I preferred the more super-hero-like colorthemes and think the screenshots are at least worth sharing also ... What do you think?

Thanks for looking!