• Pyrénées FY, a geometrical and urban font to make beautiful headlines and posters.
    Co-created by Mr.Zyan, Alisa Nowak
    The Babyfonts, a new range of creative products,
    by FONTYOU
    Because we know that designers need to play with original and creative typefaces everyday, and because we want to make typography more accessible to everyone, we created a new range of creative products.  
    The Fontyou Babyfonts :
    These fresh and creative display fonts, co-created on fontyou.com, the first collaborative type foundry, have a limited glyphset* and an accessible price, but they have the same design quality as our other fonts. They are perfectly adapted to headlines, posters, short texts or logo design. To offer you the greatest creative potential, our Babyfonts are often going along with alternates, dingbats, frames or ornaments.

    *Upper cases and/or lower cases - numbers, accents, ponctuation.
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