• Kork Boxes
    KORK proposes to start from the simple and usual cork and is based on the connection between different elements.

    Each combination has its own identity on both visual an fonctional level. Every piece is composed of a metal hooping in which two elements enter and combine. The use of cork as a material guarantees an assembly without using any paste or screw. The metal hooping compresses the two elements and creates a mechanical solidity.
    Made from the salvage of cork on its production line, Kork avoid industrial waste.
    Edited by Linadura, Kork Boxes results of a reflection on the prototype presented to the "SaloneSatellite" in Milan in 2012 and is now available for sale in 2 sizes declined in 4 colors for limitless combination.
    Kork is now on sale at the shop of Pompidou museum in Paris. Find all the places where buy this product on Linadura.