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24 Days of Winter 2021
During the month of December in 2021, I had a plan of creating one winter drawing per day for 24 days. I had a few drawings prepared for this but I also had to draw lots of them at night. It was definitely a challenge but I honestly loved it! Christmas is my favorite holiday so I knew from the beginning that I won't have any issues with inspiration for this project. All in all, I think it looks good. Sure, some drawings are better than others but I'm proud of all of them and of all the work I put into planning this project. I hope you will enjoy it!😊
Those Crystal Trees of Winter

The winter is finally here with its cold days and puffy snow! It's evening now, the forest is getting darker and the trees are frozen! They look like big cotton candies with lots of small crystals attached to them! They're gorgeous and they're the attraction of the forest!
Blue Christmas Pattern

The second day of my 'December 24 Days of Illustration' plan is here! For today, I have created a pretty wallpaper with some Christmas essentials like candy canes,
A Day of Joy!

What could be better than seeing a snowman playing in the snow? Nothing! The happiness of a snowman is such a pure thing and it's also quite rare! Oh but when it happens, it's simply magical! The birds will dance around him and the fluffy snowflakes will fall from the sky! It's truly a beautiful sight and if you happen to see a snowman in a forest, hide and just enjoy the show! Snowmen are shy balls of fluff and they don’t like being seen by human while they’re playing!
Freezing Day

I have created these icicles for the fourth day of December. I think they look ok but I will probably give it another try at drawing them! I think I can make them look more glassy!🤔
December Joy!

For the fifth day of December, I have just one simple drawing. This month should bring joy to everyone and it really doesn’t matter if the joy comes from a cookie, the smell of oranges & cinnamon or an awesome gift! Just take some time this month, hug your favorite blanket and enjoy something that makes you happy!
It's time for Decorations!

Today’s drawing has been inspired by my Christmas decorations! Have you started decorating? I know I have! I'm still working on it because this process take me around two weeks every inch of the house is being decorated!😅 Yes, yes...I am that person! It brings me joy and I cannot wait for December to come every year! It's the most colorful month of the year for me!🌲
Those Sparkling Baubles

Do you ever look at your Christmas decorations? Just look at them and see them sparkle? Maybe spin them a bit so they sparkle even more? I love them, especially the glass ones! They’re so precious!😍
Winter Stockings!

This cat drawing is inspired by all those cats, especially my cat, who get in all the places they shouldn’t! Decorating with my cat means constant yelling so here...this is for you Pixie! A cute cat in Christmas stockings! Play with this one so I can finish decorating!😅
Make a Wish!

Just a small & lonely snowman making a wish this evening! He's sending his wish star out there, in the big universe! We cannot know what he's wishing for but I'm sure it's important!
Reindeer Buddy!

This little guy is here to wish you a "Merry Christmas!" You might think he's shy but he's just busy! He's been training for the big know which one! He doesn’t have that much free time at his disposal but he wanted to stop by and say hi! 😊
A day of Baubles!

have another set of baubles for today! There are a bit different than the ones I drew before but I like them a lot! They look like special glass baubles that break easily! They need to be handled with care every year and probably have small & personal stories attached to them!
A Present for Yourself!

You've had a long & maybe difficult year! This Christmas, don’t forget to give yourself something special! It can be something big or small! It can be an expensive chocolate, a bubble bath, a nice bracelet or a special bottle of wine! It really does matter what you pick! All that matters is that you reward yourself for managing to face change and lots of challenges! You deserve to indulge yourself and to appreciate your past self! It's ok, it's time to surprise yourself!
Santa Claus is Coming!

Santa Claus will be extremely busy during Christmas so he decided to pop in now and say hello! He's happy to see you and he wants to wish you an amazing week! 🎅
It’s a small world!

Have you ever thought that that tiny snow globe that you just bought is an entire world? It’s a small world for someone and that someone is a bit scared because of all the changes. This is just a reminder to be very careful when you move a score globe because you’re shaking someone’s entire world! Be gentle and keep it safe!😊
It's Cold Outside!

It's getting colder and colder outside and I thought that it's time to draw a pair of mittens! My fingers are always cold and I even have a pair of inside warm gloves which I wear sometimes!😅
Happy Reindeer

Today is bringing you this cute & happy reindeer! He's here to brighten your day and to wish you a Merry Christmas!😊
New Winter Forest Friend!

Today's walk in the forest is a special one! Today you will make a new friend. Follow me into the forest and walk slowly. The weather is amazing today isn’t it? The snowflakes seem soft and the snow is fresh & puffy! There are colorful speckles of light dancing all around us and the air feels so fresh. Oh wait..there he is! Look ahead! Yes, there he is...our special forest friend that only comes out during winter! Say hello to Franklin, the puffy polar bear! He loves Christmas and he has some wonderful winter stories to share with you!
It’s Time to Wrap Presents!

Happy Saturday everybody! Is everyone feeling the business of the season yet?😄 I'm offering you today this small wrapped present. My decorations are done and I finally have time to wrap presents! Well...I still need to order some stuff which is causing me a tiny Christmas anxiety but I'll manage!😅
All Those Wishes!

This time of the year, there are more wish stars in the sky than on any other months! They travel from far away and they light up the night sky! It's a wonderful show and you might see it if you happen to be awake at night. The wind makes them dance around like pretty fireflies so make sure to not miss them! These two snowmen are ready with their colorful scarves and they love watching the travelling stars every winter night!
SIlent Night!

Tonight the snow is puffy, the wind is almost calm and the stars shinning bright. There's one star that shines brighter than all of them. It's a bright, big star on top of a beautiful silver tree!
Which Way Now?

Let's take a trip this evening and see what our little town has to offer. Don't forget to take a warm coat because it's cold outside. Do you know the sound the frozen snow makes when you step on it? Yes, it's that cold outside so buckle up! Oh, there's a sign up ahead! Hmm...which way should we choose? I could use some candy right now but I really want to see Santa's Workshop! Where do you want to go first?
For Santa

Have you sent your letter to Santa this year? I think you still have time but I would do it fast if I were you! Christmas is around the corner and Santa will leave in a few days. It’s been a difficult year for everyone and Santa is a good guy so I think everyone will get something no matter if they’ve sent a letter or not. Still...a letter helps him so run fast to the post office and pick the prettiest stamp!🎄
We're Almost There!

Are you ready? Is the house decorated? Are there Christmas songs? Is there a mess in the kitchen? Are there pieces of wrapping paper everywhere? What about the Christmas lights? Are they twinkling? Good, good! Then you're on the right track! Santa is coming soon so everything has to be perfect! Now go and run around to finish the preparations! The big night is almost here! 🎅
The Christmas Nutcracker

Today's illustrations is inspired by one of my three nutcrackers that I have at home. I like them a lot and yesterday I realised that a nutcracker drawing is the perfect idea for today! 
24 Days of Winter 2021


24 Days of Winter 2021