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    Glitching Tattoo with JS and Cubase.
Glitch Tattoo is a digital art project where tattoos are distorted
and changed by the Glitch tecnic.
For color mixing has been used BitmapData.js and Cubase 6 with a usb-midi keyboard for the distortion. The animation was then assembled in Photoshop.
The project is currently located on Tumblr.
And there is also a Facebook Page.
Steps to create the image
This is the original pic. In this case i choose a particoular background (a plastic tablecloth). The picture is slightly blurred and not in HD because this choice helps me in post production.
After shooting, first I mixing the colors, after I distorted the image with synths and keyboards in Cubase. I repeated this action several times.
With Photoshop I mounted the different frame created with Cubase.
An additional effect was to render the image in 8 bit resolution.
More examples