Animated Student Short Film - The Good's Gone
Team members 
- Akshay (me) - Director / Screenplay / Technical Director
- Akshay Poddar - Animation / Storyboard 
- Lennie Moses - Animatics / Storyboard 
- Sachin Verma - Lead Animation / Character Design

                                                 The Good's Gone Script
                                                             Written by 
                                                        Akshay Chauhan

               EXT. PARK - EVENING
               From POV of a guy is sitting on a park bench. With nothing 
               on his mind he turns his eyes on the running feet of a boy. 
               The boy kicks the ball far.He looks left and right on the bench 
               but he finds himself alone. His attention gets diverted 
               when he watches two more feet walking on the path in
               the park. He notices a couples walking hand in hand, down 
               the park path.
               He focuses on the hands of the couple. There is a slight
               shifting of focus to the pattern of the girls dress then he
               focuses on the shiny shoes of the man.
               He looks at his own feet and he sees his dirty, worn out shoes.
               He stands up and starts walking down the path.
                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:
               FADE IN:
               INT. ROOM - EVENING
               The guy in the park enters a his house. His house is dark and
               empty. He switches on the lights in the room.The room still 
               is dimly lit. His room has old furniture that is falling apart.
               Feeling a bit tired he sits down on the side of the bed. 
               He looks on the crate where lies a Tv that looked a 
               little younger than the other items in the house. Tv was 
               the only thing that was kept intact in the whole house.
               He looks towards the Tv which suddenly turns on.The room
               lightens up a little. There is some winding sound.
               There is a slight reflection of the character on the screen.
               On the Tv he sees his own shoes. Now there is more winding sound.
               He watches the couple he saw in the park then the boy playing 
               with the ball. Now the winding sound is louder and more longer.
               On the Tv he sees himself standing in front of the mirror
               looking at his feet. One reflection his clothes are much more
               cleaner and less ragged. He shifts his focus from his lower 
               body to a figure standing beside her.His focus sharpens and 
               now a woman appears wearing similar patterned clothes as the 
               lady in the park. His focus closes in on the face of the woman.
               The woman has camera on her head. He widens his vision and 
               on his own head is a camera. The room is much brighter and 
               cleaner with more furniture. A ball comes rolling slowly 
               near his wife's feet. His baby comes into view. Even he 
               has a camera on his head. His wife picks up the baby from 
               the ground. Image on the Tv screen freezes cuts to static.
               INT. ROOM - MOMENTS LATER
               ANGLE ON the guy who has a camera head.
               He looks down on a newspaper which says Civilians Die In
               Terrorist Attack.
Naming Convention for project
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Animated Student Short Film - The Good's Gone

Animated Student Short Film - The Good's Gone

- Group demoreel project - made in 2 months - render time under 48 hours - 10 workstations used for rendering